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There has been a problem with the card payment for your order. This means that we have been unable to successfully charge your card which could be caused by the following reasons.

  • The Card Number, expiry date or other details could have been typed incorrectly
  • Your card my be over its credit limit, or there may not be sufficient funds in your account
  • We my not accept the type of card you have supplied
  • Your card my have expired

If you would like to use a different card, or re-enter your card details so we can try again, please click on the link below, log-in using your email address and password, and click 'resubmit card details'

http://www.Electrical Europe.com/MyAccount/MyAccount.aspx

Alternatively you can call us +44 (0)2893 352976 09:30 - 15:30 GMT

PLEASE NOTE - Your order HAS NOT BEEN CANCELLED as a result of this. If you wish to cancel your order please contact us by E-mail or telephone. We my try to charge your card again and will process your order if it clears.