About Us

  1. The competitor must have the requested size/colour in stock.
  2. The price to match should include postage costs.
  3. The manufacturer's item numbers must match.
  4. Price matching only applies to identical items.
  5. The item must be new.
  6. The item must be posted on the competitor's website; we must be able to view that price.
  7. We will not match any auction pricing. This includes any items listed on e-bay.
  8. You must request a price match - via e-mail before purchasing a product.
  9. We will not match prices after a purchase is made or payment is processed.
  10. Policy is subject to change without notice.
  11. No additional sales or discounts can be used with or in addition of a price match.
  12. All Price match requests that are approved will have an expiry date.
  13. We retain the right to decline any Price match Request