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Avit Hand Tools

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Avit 400ml Caulking Sealant Applicator Ratchet Cartridge Drench Gun
Avit Non-Slip Shock Absorbing Fibreglass 20oz Claw Hammer
Avit 150mm (6") Mini Hacksaw
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Avit 250mm 10 Inch Adjustable Wrench
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RRP £10.90
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We stock a wide range of hand tools for every purpose, application, and trade, from some of the most reputable brands in the industry such as C.K Tools and Jewel Blade. These high quality tools are ideal for use at home or on the job, and come to you at an outstanding price, allowing you to quickly and inexpensively complete your job or DIY project.
Avit Tools, a brand of Carl Kammerling International is a range of well made, well presented and well priced tools and fixings that appeals to both the DIYer and trade professional alike.

Avit hand tools are perfect for when you simply need to get the job done, but don't want to splash out on expensive tools.

The range of amazing value hand tools covers everything from hammers to lasers, levels & Measuring tools to safety equipment and chisels.

Avit Tools - amazing value hand tools for every job!