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Bell Lighting Energy Saving Bulbs

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Bell Lighting 42 Watt BLT 4 Pin Cool White
Bell Lighting 18W BLT 2 Pin Fluorescent CFL White
Bell Lighting 13W 2 pin BLT Warm White
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Bell Lighting 18W Single Turn L Type Fluorescent Bulb
Bell Lighting 23W Half Spiral T2 CFL Bayonet Cap B22 Daylight White Light Bulb
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Bell Lighting, also known as British Electric Lamps LTD is one of the UK's Largest and most trusted *bulb*, *lighting* and *fittings* manufacture.
Established in 1920, their onsite laboratory and QC control center in West Yorkshire ensures their products meet the highest standards for performance and safety.
Bell has established a reputation for manufacturing unique *GLS*, *Halogen* and *Energy Saving* products using technologies such as *LED* and *CFL*.  
All British Electric Lamps LED products come with a 5 to 10 year warranty such as their **LED GU10 Bulb** which is popular due to it's *IP68* Rating which means it can be used in *Fire rated down-lights* and Security Lighting.