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Bell Lighting Energy Saving Bulbs

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Bell Lighting 15W Half Spiral T3 CFL Edison Screw E27 Warm White Light Bulb
Bell Lighting 11W 4U CFL Bayonet Cap ECO T3 Bulb
Bell Lighting 20W CFL 4U Bayonet Cap ECO T3 Bulb
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Bell Lighting 23W Half Spiral T2 CFL Bayonet Cap B22 Daylight White Light Bulb
Bell Lighting 20W CFL 4U Edison Screw Cap ECO T3 Bulb
Bell Lighting 11W Low Energy GLS CFL Light Bulb BC
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Bell Lighting 42 Watt BLT 4 Pin Cool White
Bell Lighting 18W BLT 2 Pin Fluorescent CFL White
Bell Lighting 13W 2 pin BLT Warm White
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Bell Lighting 18W Single Turn L Type Fluorescent Bulb
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Bell Lighting, also known as British Electric Lamps LTD is one of the UK's Largest and most trusted *bulb*, *lighting* and *fittings* manufacture.
Established in 1920, their onsite laboratory and QC control center in West Yorkshire ensures their products meet the highest standards for performance and safety.
Bell has established a reputation for manufacturing unique *GLS*, *Halogen* and *Energy Saving* products using technologies such as *LED* and *CFL*.  
All British Electric Lamps LED products come with a 5 to 10 year warranty such as their **LED GU10 Bulb** which is popular due to it's *IP68* Rating which means it can be used in *Fire rated down-lights* and Security Lighting.