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C.K Tools Kabifix Cable Stripper Plastic Tube Cutting Tool
C.K Tools Professional Automatic Wire Stripper Pliers with Crimpers & Wire Cutter
C.K Tools Long Handle Electricians Wire Cable Cutter Cutting Tool
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C.K Tools Ratchet Crimping Pliers For 0.25 - 6mm Boot Lace Ferrules
C.K Tools Electricians 10mm Heavy Duty Cable Snip Scissor Pliers
C.K Tools Conduit Bush Wrench Spanner
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C.K Tools Redline VDE Combicutter 3 160mm Wire Stripping, Bending & Screw Sheering
C.K Tools Insulated Terminals Ratchet Crimping Pliers for Red, Blue & Yellow
C.K Tools 10 Piece Professional Electricians Core Essential Tool Kit
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C.K Tools 95mm Brass Durable Locking Riveted Electricians Pocket Knife
C.K Tools ArmourSlice Precise SWA Armoured Cable Wire Stripper Tool
C.K Tools Heavy Duty Electricians Scissors For Cable Cutting Shearing
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C.K Tools Heavy Duty 190mm Ratchet Cable Cutter up to 32mm Cable
C.K Tools Lightweight Spear Point Head Pocket Pen Knife
C.K Tools Foldaway 400mm Gardening Tree Pruning Knife Saw
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C.K Tools Redline VDE Insulated Straight Snipe Long Nose Pliers
C.K Tools Industrial Automatic Tension & Trimming Cable Zip Tie Gun Tool
C.K Tools Telecom Terminal Data Cable Punch Down Stripping Tool
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C.K Tools Kabifix Cable Stripper Plastic Tube Cutting Spare Blade Replacement
C.K Tools Dextro Slotted Parallel Flat Head VDE Insulated Screwdriver
C.K Tools Cable Tie Zip Gun Heavy Duty Stainless Steel
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C.K Tools 11mm Shaft Hole Arbor Extension Drive Bar 12 Inch 300mm
C.K Tools Ratchet Crimping Pliers For Modular Plugs (RJ11, RJ12, RJ45)
C.K Tools Classic Piezo Electric Gas Lighter
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C.K Tools VDE Insulated 40mm Cable Sheath Striping Knife
C.K Tools Dextro VDE Modulo Terminal Screwdriver Set 1pt x 80mm & 2pt x100mm
C.K Tools Mains Tester VDE Screwdriver 120-250V AC with Pocket Clip
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C.K Tools Claw Anti-Vibe Fibre Glass Rubber Grip Hammer
C.K Tools Plasterboard Drywall Punch Stepped Steel Shaft for Wall Plugs, Drill Marking or Wall Scribing
C.K Tools Dextro Pozi Drive Star Head VDE Insulated Screwdriver
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C.K Tools Metric 50mm Pocket Thread Cutting Re Threading Tool
C.K Tools 6 Inch Plasterboard Dry Wall Cutting Hand Saw
C.K Tools 150mm Small Mini Junior Hacksaw Metal Cutting Saw with 2 Blades
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C.K Tools Redline VDE Insulated Professional Lineman's Combination Pliers
C.K Tools 9 Piece PZ Electricians VDE Pliers & Screwdrivers Tool Kit
C.K Tools Heavy Duty Industrial Staple & Nail Gun Cable Tacker
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C.K Tools Precision Slotted Phillips Torx Industrial Screwdriver Kit Set
C.K Tools 4 Bevel Edged Wood Chisel Carving Hand Tool Set & Sharpening Stone
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We stock a wide range of hand tools for every purpose, application, and trade, from some of the most reputable brands in the industry such as C.K Tools and Jewel Blade. These high quality tools are ideal for use at home or on the job, and come to you at an outstanding price, allowing you to quickly and inexpensively complete your job or DIY project.
C.K Tools, also known as Carl Kammerling International is one of the UK's and Europe's Largest and most trusted hand tools, torches and lasers, levels & measuring product manufacture.

Founded in 1904, all C.K products have been developed with both the professional and consumer in mind. Not content with simply conforming to all relevant International Standards, C.K work with Metallurgical and Design Engineers to develop new materials, manufacturing techniques and finishing treatments to push the boundaries of performance and save you time, money and effort. This is prevalent with the CK T2250 Armour Slice SWA Stripper and the CK T4755 Conduit Bush Wrench.

Tools & Fixings are all driven by research through an extensive panel of cross trade professionals and developed to assist with everyday tasks and offer leading performance, durability, accuracy and strength which are key requirements for professional results.

All C.K Tools come with a lifetime warranty for imperfect materials or workmanship from the manufacture.