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Dribox Large Weatherproof Powercord Connection Box Outdoor Safety Enclosure
Dribox Weatherproof Powercord Connection Box Outdoor Safety Enclosure
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Our selection of cable enclosures offers you the best in external outside wiring solutions with the new DRiBOX range, ensuring your cables and plugs are kept dry and safe from liquids and weather damage.
Our selection of cable floor covers act to keep your workplace cables tidy, safe from damage, and help you reduce the risk of trip hazards and potentially dangerous corridors or halls.
The DRiBOX is an innovative award-winning product which has been gathering momentum since it's inception in 2008 as a replacement for unsafe DIY outdoor socket housing. Originally designed as an accessory for Christmas lighting systems, The DRiBOX has now found a home in many hardware stores, and in the market sectors of Aquatics, Garden tools, Garden Lighting, Seasonal Lighting, and is popular among tradesmen such as Landscapers, installers, and even fire authorities.
The DRiBOX has seen a continuous growth in demand since it's launch and fills a market gap which is surprisingly empty. The DRiBOX is now available in different styles and sizes, and you wont realize how much you needed this affordable and innovative product until you have one for yourself.