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Duracell Industrial Procell D LR20 Professional Block Alkaline Battery
Duracell Industrial Procell 9V PP3 Professional Block Alkaline Battery
Duracell Industrial Procell AA LR6 Professional Block Alkaline Battery
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Duracell Industrial Procell C LR14 Professional Block Alkaline Battery
Duracell Plus Power Duralock AA LR6 Block Alkaline Battery - 4 Pack
Duracell Plus Power Duralock C LR14 Block Alkaline Battery - 2 Pack
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Duracell Plus Power Duralock D LR20 Block Alkaline Battery - 2 Pack
Duracell Industrial Procell AAA LR03 Professional Block Alkaline Battery
Duracell Plus Power Duralock AAA LR03 Block Alkaline Battery - 4 Pack
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The Duracell company have been producing top quality batteries for over 70 years, and pushing the bounds of innovation and technology for just as long. Company founding partner Samuel Reuben is responsible for both the Mercury cell, which was vital to the allied forces of WWII, and the AAA Size battery, which is still widely used today. Duracell have created top-quality power cells in almost every size and purpose imaginable, from cars to cameras, to mobile devices to medical equipment, remaining on the front lines of innovation.
As technology advances, Duracell are still progressing, joining initiatives to create wireless contactless power sources for mobile devices and portable electronics.
Seated firmly as the world's top producer of high-performance alkaline batteries, Duracell are a trusted brand by consumers and professionals alike, whether powering a child's toy, or a vital piece of medical equipment.

We stock a variety of Duracell batteries in consumer and industry variations, to ensure you get the power you need, when you need it.