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Elnur Wireless Digital Programmable Room Thermostat Receiver
Elnur Wired Digital 24/7 Programmable Room Thermostat
Elnur Mains Borne 24/7 Programable Thermostat Multi-Zone Heating
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RRP £162.50
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RRP £119.49
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RRP £189.74
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Elnur Wireless Digital Programmable Room Thermostat Transmitter
Elnur 10A Ambient Standard Room Thermostat
Elnur Three Phase Coupler For Elnur PG-4Z Thermostat
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RRP £200.36
Save 5%
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RRP £20.01
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RRP £69.32
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With over 40 years of experience, Elnur now stand as one of Europe's leading providers of efficient electrical heating systems today. Established in 1973, they now offer a wide range of innovative and unique products to suit all needs and fuel types, locales, and price ranges. Elnur hold a commercial presence in over 35 countries, and a strong exclusive distribution network in 15 of these, placing products in the homes of thousands of happy customers with the best solution in electric heating available.
Elnur have a full belief and commitment to a quality product, with all manufacturing processes meeting the ISO9001 standard, and all products are tested and confirmed fully working before shipping to the customer.
Service and aftercare are equally important to Elnur, believing that personalized assistance, technical advice, product management and monitoring, and professional after-sales tech support are just as important to the brand as initial sales.

A strong developer of electrical heating solutions, Elnur press the fact that this form of heating is the cleanest and safest solution currently available, with no products emitting gasses, no risk of direct pollution, no need for gas or diesel, no need for regular maintenance (Excluding boilers with magnesium anode), and no risk of explosion or harmful leak. They have built an extensive range of products which operate on high performance mineral eco-fuels which require no combustion, and are non-corrosive and neutrally composed. With the highest efficiency available, and the cleanest fuel sources currently available, elnur products will save you money through innovative smart features to get the best from your product.

Elnurs Gabarrón's 100% efficient, safe, high quality products are sure to provide you with excellence and warmth at great value here on Electrical Europe.