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Eterna Emergency Lighting

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Eterna Maintained LED Emergency Exit Box Sign
Eterna 8W T5 Non Maintained Emergency Bulkhead
Eterna LED Bulkhead Emergency Light Fitting Non-Maintained
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Eterna Legend Set for Emergency Lighting
Eterna LED Non-Maintained Emergency Downlight
Eterna High Visibility Emergency Exit Sign
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Eterna, is one of the UK and Europe's leading Lighting & Lamps manufacturer and distributors since its establishment in 1936.

The quality and construction of the finished product is at a high standard and an affordable price. With Eterna you get more than you pay for in reliability, innovative and choice of products.

Being members of the Lighting Association, the experience in the professional installation market and the added opportunities for expansion with further diversification of its product portfolio such as non-lighting products.

With a diverse product range from *strip light fittings* and *fluorescent tubes* to *heaters* and *outdoor fittings*, the Eterna product range has grown in quality and size over the past number of years.

All products come with a minimum of 1 years warranty from the manufacture, Eterna Lighting.